Welcome to IPLocation.tools, a free IP Location API service that provides a public HTTPS (SSL access) API to retrieve geolocation from any IP or hostname. CORS support.
City New York
Region/Code New York
Country/Code US
Zip Code 10013
Time Zone EDT
Lat/Lon 40.7214/-74.0052

API doc (version 0.2.5)

HTTP Request template:
GET https://iplocation.tools/v1/{format}/?q={IP-or-hostname}
Supported formats : json, xml and csv
If no IP or hostname is provided it retrieves your own IP
IPv4 and IPv6 supported
CORS support out of the box makes iplocation.tools perfect to your front end apps or webs
- https://iplocation.tools/v1/json
- https://iplocation.tools/v1/json/?q=iplocation.tools
- https://iplocation.tools/v1/xml/?q=
- https://iplocation.tools/v1/xml/?q=2a00:1450:4006:803::200e

Usage Limits:
300 requests per minute (432.000 API requests daily) Once reached subsequent requests will result in error 503 until your quota is cleared
If you need more quota contact us
Our API requires no key or signup.

JSON response example
  "ip": "",
  "country_code": "GB",
  "country_name": "United Kingdom",
  "region_code": "ENG",
  "region_name": "England",
  "city": "London",
  "zip_code": "SL1",
  "time_zone": "Europe/London",
  "latitude": 50.0500,
  "longitude": 0.6172